About Us

About Us


Bloom represents budding, blossoming and flourishing. As a bank, our passion is to help businesses, individuals and institutions in Sierra Leone to grow and develop by providing products that speak to their inherent needs. As a flower blooms, so are we as a bank committed to providing the right mix of capital, technology and the expertise through partnerships that engenders the movement of resources from areas of surplus to areas of deficit.

Our outlook is Pan African. This stems from the realization that Africa is the new frontier and therefore the gaps in terms of seamless trade amongst African Countries and settlement of trade transactions needs to be adequately bridged, and a solution focused bank, we aim to be that bridge.


We are passionate about the rising Africa, and this is embodied in our quest to Enable Greatness Across Africa, starting with Sierra Leone. We aim to be the conduit for capital into and across Africa for development, creating value for businesses, big or small, and empowering Sierra Leonean to achieve more. Our statement of purpose is "We make it happen", a commitment to making good things happen for the people of Sierra Leone.


Bloom is synonymous with flourishing, prosperity and progress, and as a bank we are positioned as the catalysts for growth. "We make it happen" is our mantra; this reiterates our unique status as the go-to partner for effecting positive change, for our customers, our shareholders, and everyone we work with. By being the largest distributor of finance in The Sierra Leone, we are helping to widen the financial inclusion net, through or innovative product and services.



To be the preferred bank for quality and timely service across all touchpoints.

Digitalized Banking

To be the leading bank for on-the-go financial services, backed by state-of-the-art technology birthing exciting user experiences.

Trade Expertise

To be the go-to bank for intra Africa and international trade.

SME Focused

To be the engine that drives the growth of SME’s within Sierra Leone.


Execution mastery

We believe in getting things done and done well


We are true to our words.

Continuous Learning

Our People are trained & knowledgeable about the industry, products and customers needs.

Impact Driven

The Impact of our actions are key to our core. We are focused on being the catalyst for change

People Centricity

Our People are our most important Assets.

Open Communication

We believe in Open communication across the organization


We believe Innovation is key to developing a new future.


We have the ability to adapt to change and uncertainty. Entrepreneurial Mindset Our way of thinking enables us to overcome challenges, be decisive, and accept responsibility for our outcomes.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Our way of thinking enables us to overcome challenges, be decisive, and accept responsibility for our outcomes.

Nurturing Partnerships

We will leverage partnerships to progress